The Southern and the Sublime – Live Oak

A welcome outpost of Southern charm in Del Ray, Live Oak combines a solid drink list, enchanting decor, and an inviting atmosphere.  Ambiance: ****1/2 Decor: ***** Service: ***** Cocktails: **** Overall Rating: 4.5 One of my favorite cities in the world is Charleston – the mix of American history, gentile architecture, and Southern food drew… Read More The Southern and the Sublime – Live Oak

Drinking Like Ulysses S. Grant

This week I’m reviewing H.W. Brand’s biography of Ulysses S. Grant who, unfairly, is the US President most closely associated with booze. Figuring out what Grant actually drank, however, is a bit difficult. One clue comes from this famous, almost certainly apocryphal account: After the failure of his first experimental explorations around Vicksburg, a committee of… Read More Drinking Like Ulysses S. Grant

LA Dreaming and Drinking

This week I’m reviewing Bill Beverly’s “Dodgers” a crime novel that begins in the embattled slums of Los Angeles. LA’s rougher neighborhoods haven’t generated many craft cocktails (at least that I could find), so I searched for noir-ish drinks that evoke visions of LA Confidential or Chinatown. The first drink I made was “The Brown Derby” which is named… Read More LA Dreaming and Drinking