Russian Dreams and Northern Cocktails

This week I’m reviewing Owen Matthews’ “Glorious Misadventures,” a history of Russia’s all but forgotten attempt to explore and colonize North America in the 18th and 19th centuries. The far flung saga follows the trail of Russian adventurer and businessman Nikolai Rezanov as he moved east from Siberia, to Alaska, all the way down to Spanish-administered San… Read More Russian Dreams and Northern Cocktails

Nothing Fancy – The Pub and the People

The quintessential neighborhood bar, the Pub and the People brings some aggressive, spicy cocktails and good vibes. Ambiance: **** Decor: ***1/2 Service: **** Cocktails: ***1/2 Overall Rating: 3.75 My face buried in a scarf in a desperate attempt to escape the cold, I was happy to spy the Pub and the People, a brick-walled, down-to-Earth establishment in… Read More Nothing Fancy – The Pub and the People