Hello Darkness My Old Friend – PX

The grand-daddy of DC-area speakeasies, PX provides the perfect setting for serious, dimly-lit dates spiced up with some good drinks. Ambiance: ****1/2 Decor: ****1/2 Service **** Cocktails: **** Overall score: 4.25 The famous and secret speakeasy PX has been in operation almost as long as I’ve lived in DC.  Marked only by a pirate flag and ghastly… Read More Hello Darkness My Old Friend – PX

Philly’s Finest – Franklin Bar

One of the best cocktail experience I’ve ever had, Franklin Bar’s subterranean hideaway provides the perfect setting for out –of-this-world drinks. Ambiance: ***** Decor: ***** Service: ***** Cocktails: ***** Overall Rating: 5 I found myself in Philadelphia for a brief pre-Thanksgiving sojourn.  Per my standard approach, I nosed around a bit to find the best cocktail… Read More Philly’s Finest – Franklin Bar

Amidst Friendly Surroundings – Room 11

Room 11 is a charming neighborhood cocktail bar with a cozy warm décor and friendly bar staff. Ambiance: **** Decor: **** Service: **** Cocktails: **** Overall Rating: 4 After an appointment in Columbia Heights fell through, I was stuck meandering around on a rainy evening.  Firing up the smart phone, I searched for nearby cocktail bars and… Read More Amidst Friendly Surroundings – Room 11