Cocktails Along the Anacostia – The Salt Line

A beautiful new gem of a seafood restaurant in southeast DC, Salt Line offers a relaxed riverfront setting and a surprisingly strong battery of cocktails.  Ambiance: **** Decor: ****1/2 Cocktails: ****1/2 Service: **** Overall: 4.25 Perhaps it was the bright summer sun, perhaps it was the good company, perhaps it was the river breeze, but memories… Read More Cocktails Along the Anacostia – The Salt Line

Spanish Anarchism and Cocktails

This week I’m reviewing Spain in Our Hearts, Adam Hochschild’s history of foreign volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Hochschild’s description of the idyllic Spanish countryside, along with DC’s customary stifling heat, got me thinking about simple cocktails that both refresh and evoke visions of olive groves and green foothills. First up was the “Marianito” a simple three-part… Read More Spanish Anarchism and Cocktails