A Boozy Guide to Cape Cod (and Thereabouts)

“Thus the great civilizer sends out its emissaries, sooner or later, to every sandy cape and light-house of the New World which the census-taker visits, and summons the savage there to surrender.” – Henry David Thoreau, Cape Cod There’s something about the last days of August that bring me low. Sure, it’s oppressively hot and humid, but… Read More A Boozy Guide to Cape Cod (and Thereabouts)

Power and Glory at Petworth Citizen

After an inexcusable 3-week absence, I headed back to Petworth Citizen’s beautiful Reading Room for Graham Greene weekend, the latest installment in the bar’s awesome Literary Cocktail series. Frankly, I was surprised to be let back in after that display of disloyalty! Determined to repair my tarnished reputation, I launched into Chantal Tseng’s great menu… Read More Power and Glory at Petworth Citizen

St. Patrick’s Day Comes Early at Jack Rose

March is good for two things – St. Patrick’s Day and college basketball. Now, I’m the impatient sort of nominally Irish-American, so I spend the first two weeks of March counting the days until the ritual of heavy drinking, debauchery, and cultural celebration commences. But it dawned on me recently – in this go-get ’em, fast-paced world of… Read More St. Patrick’s Day Comes Early at Jack Rose

Chicago Cocktails – GreenRiver

From the folks behind Dead Rabbit, Green River offers impossibly classy company, sweeping views of the Second City, and solid drinks.  Ambiance: ****1/2 Decor: ****1/2 Service: **** Cocktails: **** Overall Rating: 4.25 After a marvelous night at Lost Lake, I did some more asking around for nice cocktail spots in Chicago. I eventually heard about GreenRiver,… Read More Chicago Cocktails – GreenRiver