Suds and Spirits at District Space

On the lookout for weekend plans, an acquaintance reached out over Instagram (I take pictures too folks) to inform me that the pros from the 1 Ounce or 2 Cocktail Club had set up residence at District Space to sling cocktails incorporating beer from the Flying Dog Brewery. She had me at beer! The late Friday seating was my first time in the snazzy District Space spot, which was sleekly furnished and a perfect host for pop-ups. It was also my inaugural trip to the Brookland neighborhood, which looks promising as a food and drink hub. Because DC needs more of those 🙂



The club’s menu features five beer-based cocktails and some delicious food pairings from Johanna’s Table chef Johanna Hellrigl. Each course is explained in fun detail by the bartenders and waiters, who happily answer any question you might have. It’s a really splendid deal: where else in DC can you get five robust drinks and all that chow for 60 bucks? Definitely recommend finding the time to attend a seating next weekend!


Our perfect opener was “An Unexpected Party” with Flying Dog K9 Winter, bourbon, and winter spice. Geared for colder climes–say DC two weeks ago–this was a good settler for an evening spent with rich beer, featuring Christmas spice tones, dark-hued porter body, and woody bourbon.


Next up was the scene-stealing “Gone-zo for the Winter” with Black Strap rum, Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter cordial, Don Ciccio C3 Carciofo, and lime. This was an interesting mix of some up-sweet tiki-esque citrus sensations, powerful syrupy rum and cordial, and then a distinct herbal bitterness from the carciofo, which is a mix of artichokes and other plant essences. This was ok, although that daring combo didn’t quite click with me – the bitter tint washed out some of the flavors to my palette, but my drinking companions were big fans. Definitely worth a shot.


Next up was the “Red Line to Brookland” with rye whiskey, Flying Dog Bloodline reduction, dry vermouth, blanc vermouth, Don Ciccio Luna Amara, and Don Ciccioi Nocino. This was simple and sneakily strong, with an intriguing multi-taste taste up front with sweet earthy tones that climaxed well in the familiar rye and bitter burn. Just a solid and fun evening drink that plays well with the vermouth and whiskey hits.


My favorite cocktail of the evening was the “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” with Epazote-infused Rujero Singani, Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale, recycled lime cordial, Shrub District ginger shrub, falernum, and bitters. I just loved, loved this drink – a resplendent marriage of that vegetal Bolivian sweetness from the singani, a ginger bite, a sunny summer day pale ale, all livened with the lime cordial. A pleasant masterpiece, this is definitely one I’d like to dry to recreate for a mid-day party once the weather turns. Worth the visit alone.


Our last drink was the “There and Back Again” consisting of cognac, amontillado sherry, Flying Dog K9 Winter Warmer beer syrup, lemon, orange juice, and clarified milk. This was an enchanting way to conclude the evening, a lush but easy dessert sipper that ably combined the sugar of the cognac, the faint dairy sensation off the milk, and a citrus hit. That richness bounced off of the sweet focaccia bread perfectly. Lovely finale to a fun evening at District Space! ‘Til next time.


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