Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Shame on me for not knowing today was National Rum Day!  I was only informed of the fact when I came across this fun podcast from the folks at War on the Rocks, which should be everyone’s one stop shop for national security news and alcohol.  Anyway, they provided four old school mixes that kept the Royal Navy afloat for several centuries, so they should be stout enough to keep you going on a quiet summer Sunday.  I went for the grog, using white sugar instead of brown:

4 ounces lime juice
1/4 pound brown sugar
4 oz. dark rum
8 oz. water
2 sprigs mint


This was really good but extremely sweet — I guess this makes sense, if you’re spending months on a wooden ship with a bunch of dudes, you’d probably welcome distractions like overly sugared drinks.  I actually pared back the sugar a bit but it was still strong.  Delightful though, delightful — I immediately grew hair on my chest, developed sword-fighting abilities, and tied increasingly complex knots throughout the day.  Pretty rad.

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