Copperwood Redux

So if you’ve ever read this blog, you’ll know I can flatter and gush with the best of them.  I can’t help it, I’m still a babe in the woods when it comes to cocktails, so when somebody knocks it out of the park, I tend to slobber all over them.  In a previous post, I wrote a veritable soliloquy to Copperwood Tavern, the Shirlington-based restaurant whose imaginative and delicious concoctions lit my cocktail fire.  So when I heard they were offering some new recipes to quench our summer thirsts, I felt duty-bound to give them all a dry.

First up is my new favorite, the Rustic Martini, made up of Lairds Applejack, plum ginger syrup, orange bitters, and candied ginger.  The ingenious combination of applejack and plum ginger syrup really makes this drink for me, advancing this recipe beyond other apple-based drinks I’ve had recently.  It is a bit rich but the flavor and fun combination just shines throughout, delivering a knock-out punch as you go through.  Just superb, ’nuff said.


On to the next one – this is the Two Steppin’ which brings Beefeater Gin, dry vermouth, Aperol, basil watermelon syrup, and lime.  I liked this just fine but it just seemed to lack that certain…oomph, you know?  I’m not a fan of watermelon syrup and think it waters this drink down a bit, but it’s still a nice sipper on a hot day.


Copperwood’s hit parade continues with the Front Porch Swing which might be the best summer drink ever.  With Firefly peach moonshine, mixed berry syrup, lime, and lime foam, this is a tall and eminently drinkable mix that works perfectly.  The light and aromatic burn of the peach moonshine hits great off of the sweet berry flavor, and the lime foam cools it all down.  Just love this drink, which gives you more than enough in terms of quantity to appreciate.


Rounding out the new class is the Bourbon Thief, which features Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Disaronno Ammareto, lemon, apple cider reduction, and an egg white.  This has a great citrusy front end but isn’t overly sweet, and transitions into a well-balanced and powerful drink.  Like it a lot, enough kick to feel like a tough guy but enough tropical lightness to enjoy in the hot weather.


I can’t say enough about this place and its excellent bar service, so head on over before the weather turns colder!

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