Cocktails at the Green Pig

A posh spot tucked into Clarendon, the Green Pig provides some really great cocktails and friendly surroundings.

Ambiance: ****

Decor: ****

Service: ****

Cocktails: ****1/2

Overall Rating: 4

The Green Pig is a block or two away from the beaten path in Clarendon, but that hasn’t prevented the fun little bistro from becoming a prime destination among the brunch crowd.  I walked by the other day and wondered how they were in the cocktail game — I scratched that itch a few evenings later and walked into the busy Pig to hit for the cycle.  The service was excellent with bar tender Andrew providing good insight into the drinks.  I also love the subdued, down-home décor, which is a welcome departure from some of the gaudy decors one might find in Northern Virginia bar/restaurants.

First up was the “A Magazine Called Sunset” which brings Tequila, strawberry syrup, lime, and club soda.  I know, refreshing right?  The taste lived up to the ingredients and delivers a fruity and easy experience, although I felt the strawberry hints over powers a bit.  A great summer drink, I could have about 5 of these in the outdoor heat.


The second drink was the “Don You Devil,” which for me was the highlight of the evening.  It looks beautiful and blends cinnamon bourbon, simple syrup, orange liquor, and grapefruit juice.  I don’t like grapefruit juice as a rule so I was skeptical, but the cinnamon flavor is sublime and carried me away to a nice place.  The orange also kicks in a perfect point for a special burn off of the cinnamon.  Just loved this unique and gorgeous little drink.


Next up was the “New and Improved Rickey” — I’m not the biggest Rickey man in America, but this one came across straight and to the point.  A sharp burn starts it off but trails off into sweetness, I enjoyed this refreshing take on a classic.


The “Not your Dad’s Jack and Coke” brings Rye, Spiced Cola, and Lime — this didn’t work for me, a strange fallow taste.  The mouth feel was good bit everything else disappoints, just empty in a way.


The evening ended well on a creative note with the “Strawberry Vanilla Manhattan,” with Strawberry infused bourbon, vermouth, and vanilla bitters.  This was ooooooh so good, a great smokey-vanilla tail with this beautiful cut burn that comes on strong but works in the end.  Another really creative mix that delivers some subtly great flavors, you should definitely work to make it to the end of the list — it’s worth it!


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