Amaretto Sours or What I missed in college

Before I headed out to watch my New York Rangers eventually lose at Crystal City Sports Pub, I decided to whip up a quick cocktail.  I used a recipe from Crafted Taste, a monthly cocktail service my girlfriend enrolled me in.  The main drink this month is a Cherry Almond Fizz, but I’m still infusing — which I think is a hilariously complex word for just mixing 🙂 — cherries with the amoretto, so, loathe to wait for cocktails, I made an alternative recipe they provided called a Morgenthaler’s Amaretto Sour.  Now, according to my girlfriend, this is a very popular drink among college age girls, with whom I had very little interaction.  So it’s all new to me!  This recipe, however, claims to be the “best amoretto sour” in the world, so I gave it a whirl.


The verdict – 4 out of 5, this was really good.  Make sure you mix vigorously in the glass, as I let it sit a bit and my first gulp was off.  It has a really “up” taste — by that I mean the great taste is front loaded and in your face.  Not too powerful while the egg white really helps with the mouth feel.  Again, I have limited experience with this drink so I’m reticent to deem this the best in the world, but it’s certainly enjoyable.  I looked up the inventor of the drink Jeffrey Morgenthaler ( — gotta respect him, he comes right out and owns his “best in the world: claim ala Ric Flair. Thanks to Jeffrey and Crafted Taste — keep ’em coming.

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